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Featured Rugs

On this Gallery, you can tour a selection of rugs from our September 2010 retrospective exhibition, held at Centennial Hall, to celebrate the Guild’s 35th anniversary.

Maple Leaves
by Claire Fradette

This rug is my own design.
While taking walks around Beaconsfield, I picked up leaves and then traced them on burlap.

I dyed the wool for the leaves and the background is recycled wool. The cut is #6.

by Maria Romero
A photo [1] of the Uzon Caldera in Russia inspired the design for this rug. The composition of the picture and the beauty and colours of the caldera in Autumn impressed me.

These volcanoes are situated in the Kamchatka Peninsula on the Pacific Coast of Russia and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The rug, which measures 20 in. x 29 in., is hooked on a linen foundation with no. 3 and no. 6 cut wool.

[1] Photographer Christian Gluckman © Caldeira d’Uzon – Kamchatka Peninsula, Autumn 2003 –

Log Cabin
by Kay Cousineau

For this Log Cabin rug I used a template to trace the individual larger square and then each smaller square within it.
I used mostly leftover wool from previous projects and also overdyed wools and even old sweaters which also had been
overdyed. It was a fun and easy rug to hook.

Brenda Ticehurst

Little Chair Pad

by Brenda Ticehurst

I hooked this little chair pad in a Geometric Class with Judith Dallegret. It was for a little rocking chair we have in the country. The wool was scraps in nos. 4 and 6 cut, mostly from recycled coats.

Polar Bear Grenfell
by Maureen Rowe

This is a Grenfell Mission style mural hooked with dyed nylons, all except for the bear which is wool that has been sculptured. It was one of my first rug hooking attempts and it set me on the path to my love of the craft. I still love hooking skies, water and snow.